Fue Hair Transplant

Fue Hair Transplant

Special techniques are used during hair transplantation. During this procedure, follicles are obtained from the hairy area called donor area and transplanted to the area where hairs are rare or lost Today, FUE technique is used more than FUT technique as it is more comfortable. This technique is applied easily, required follicles can be collected from more areas and the procedure can be completed without any scar.

Why Should Fue Hair Transplant Technique Be Preferred?

If FUE hair transplantation is carried out by an expert team, the result will be very successful. As the follicles in the transplanted area are not lost genetically, the persons have permanent hairs. In addition, these hairs continue to grow lifelong. The people having hair transplants have more self-confidence. FUE technique does not require suture or bisturi. The scar does not occur. Hair transplantation can be applied both to men and women with this technique. The patients do not feel pain and get back to their normal life quickly. The person’s hair has a natural look. It is easy to achieve planned density in the transplanted area.

How is FUE Hair Transplantation carried out?

During hair transplantation, follicles are collected one by one through cylindrical ends with micromotors. Follicles called as graft include twp-three follicles. As local anesthesia is applied, pain is not felt during hair transplantation. It is possible to collect 2000-5000 grafts in a single session depending on the condition of the hairy area and requirement. If more follicles are needed, a second session can be applied. White-spots are left on the area where follicles are collected. However, they get recovered in a short time. Therefore, FUE hair transplantation is called a method without a scar.

In the beginning, this method was used to be applied with the manual punch. Therefore, a specified number of grafts could be obtained during the session. When more follicles were required, hair transplantation took a long time. Thanks to micro motor, it has been started to collect the follicles in a faster way and to complete the procedure in a shorter time. Also, the cost of hair transplantation was also reduced.

Fue Hair Transplant Advantages

FUE technique has dome advantages when compared to other hair transplantation methods. These include that;

  • Follicles are collected from the donor area without dissecting a tissue.
  • As there is not any incision on the donor area, the suture is not required. Scratches with less than 1 mm diameter occur in the area where follicles are obtained. These recover within 1-2 days.
  • Follicles obtained from the nape with the FUE technique can be used for bear eyebrow and mustache transplantation except for hair transplantation.
  • Intervals between the sessions are shorter depending on the recovery of the person. It is possible to collect 10,000 follicles in each session. Each of these follicles contains 2-3 hairs.
  • It is possible to transplant about 55-60 follicles in each cm2 in the area where the hair is transplanted with FUE technique.
  • Persons having hair transplantation with this technique do not have problems such as tissue loss, sensory loss.
  • The advantage of this method is that the persons do not have pain and loss of sensation after the operation.

FUE Hair Transplantation For a Natural Hair Look

The success of hair transplantation is revealed by graft density in cm2 in the area where hair transplantation is performed. In addition, in order to obtain a natural appearance after hair transplantation, the hair follicles that have been transplanted along with the hair density in the area should be planted at the right angles. The density, i.e. the hair follicles in cm2 in the area where the transplantation is applied is a determining factor of naturalness in hair transplantation. In the FUE hair transplantation technique, the follicles are planted in the channels with fine ends at the right angles. There is no risk that these hair follicles may change their angles. As fine needles are used, there is no traumatic damage to the area and recovery takes 2-3 days.

Before FUE hair transplantation
Aspirin and similar blood-thinning drugs should be stopped before application. Blood-thinning drugs should be stopped before 10 days. The cleaning of the area where the procedure will be carried out is among the important factors. Cosmetic products that cause residue on the skin should not be used in the last week. There is also an advantage to choose an outfit that can be easily worn and removed on the day you go to the clinic. As it contacts the scalp when removing clothes such as turtleneck, it may cause friction. It is recommended that clothes that do not touch the scalp should be preferred since the scalp that has been transplanted in the first days requires attention.

Fue Hair Transplant Techiques

FUE hair transplantation which may provide a solution to different hair loss problems can be applied in 3 different techniques. The physician decides which of these techniques will be applied. Factors such as the patient’s problems and hair loss type are taken into account. These techniques get different during hair collection rather than hair transplantation.

Hair transplantation techniques with Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE):

  • Hair transplant with needle
  • Choi hair transplantation (pen technique)
  • Slit transplantation technique (la teral technique)

After FUE hair transplantation
The most important factor to be taken into account after the procedure is the protection of this area. It is necessary to avoid abrasive contact for a while. It is necessary not to wash your hair for a while after the application. During this period, it is important to pay attention not to wet the hair and to avoid weather conditions such as rain. It is also important to wash the hair in a delicate manner when the doctor allows you to wash the hair. You must avoid all aggressive movements.

Is the center the right place for this procedure?

In order to understand that your center is the right place for hair transplantation, you should evaluate their previous hair transplantation practices and evaluate the experience and expertise of hair transplant specialists.

When should I have hair transplantation

Hair transplantation is suitable for people having rare hair and bold area. If you still have hair loss, it is recommended for you to wait for a while. In addition, the strength of the hair follicles in the hairy area called the donor area is also another important factor. It is also recommended to have hair transplantation before you have less hair in the area where the hair follicles will be collected. As follicles should be taken from another area for hair transplantation.

Do transplanted hair loss?

As the hair transplanted during the procedure is collected from an area where the hair is not lost genetically, under normal conditions, they do not a loss. Hair collected from the back of the ears on either side of the head has this feature. Therefore, the transplanted hair does not a loss.

How many sessions are required for the application?

The number of sessions of hair transplantation varies depending on the characteristics of the person’s hair, the need for hair follicles in the bald area, and the technique used during hair transplantation. If the area to be transplanted is wide, the sessions will be more.

Is the process dangerous?

Hair transplantation is an extremely safe procedure among aesthetic applications. Before hair transplantation, the person is examined in detail and chronic diseases are evaluated. Therefore, hair transplantation does not have any danger.

Can I use spray and gel after the procedure?

After hair transplantation, patients should pay attention to some issues. It is not recommended to use spray and gel, especially during the recovery process. But then the patient can easily use these products for her/his hair.

What are the risks of the procedure?

The risks of hair transplantation are very low. If this procedure is performed in a hospital under operating conditions by a hair transplant specialist, the risks are minimized. However, there may be risks related to patients such as loss of hair follicles due to incorrect applications after hair transplantation.

When will my hair begin to grow?

After hair transplantation hair loss may be seen within the first 2-6 weeks. Rarely some people may not have hair loss. In this loss, the hair follicles remain in place. Therefore, there is no need to rush. The hair then begins to grow again. The hair gets the healthiest condition within about 6-12 months.

How many days after the procedure can I return to work?

When the Fue technique is used in hair transplantation, patients return to work in a shorter time. After the hair transplantation is carried out, patients van perform many activities except heavy works when they return home. If their jobs are not too heavy, they can start working in a few days.