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Fue Hair Collecting Method

FUE technique, discovered in 2002, has led much development in hair transplantation within the latest 15 years. The most common technique among hair transplantation methods is FUE.

Manuel Punch Hair Transplantation

With the discovery of FUE, one of hair transplantation methods, a device to collect the follicles one by one without damaging has been required.

Dhi Hair Transplantation

The hair design made during hair transplantation with DHI reached the most natural and the most successful results. It is the latest hair transplantation method which is closest to the natural hair, with the minimum scar, more hair density, a fast recovery thanks to special needles.

Hair Transplantation With Prp Treatment

It is aimed to accelerate the recovery process and achieve the intended result with PRP applied during and after the hair transplantation procedure.